I am an Asian model and cultural coach. Possessing long silken hair on a richly tanned body with almond eyes that pierce the soul, my body often becomes a canvas. My ink free unblemished skin allows me to express my true outer muse. 

Many who wish to refine their interactions with Asian women find my consultations highly rewarding. Having spent most of my life in Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, my cultural emersion has been been highly educational. While English is not my primary language, I am very conversant and almost fluent. My filipino heritage matched with my cultural upbringing, allows for a highly insightful consultation. 

You will find me to be sweet yet simple, non pretentious, yet mature and very open minded. Some simply relate to me as the normal cute Asian girl next door. 

I welcome the opportunity to assist you with a personal and highly intimate consultation into the Asian lifestyle and culture. I can assure you that it will be an experience that you will find richly rewarding and informative. I am currently providing consultations in both Phoenix and Las Vegas. 

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