Are you ready to experience the ultimate Asian treat? Are you willing to be open yourself for an an Asian cultural experience? Allow me to be your Asian Lifestyle Coach.  The button below will take you my personal highly encrypted reservation/screening form. Your information is sent directly off-shore in encrypted form and only I can see it unencrypted.


I recognize the security of your information is a major concern. This is just one way I try to show how important it is to me. Unfortunately screening is a necessary evil for both your safety and mine. I do not provide consultations without appropriate screening. 

Fill out the form as completely as you can. Do not use this form to simply see if I am available on a predetermined date or time, use the "contact me" form for that. Also please do not waste your time or mine, check my calendar as do strive to keep it up to date. In either case do NOT send me explicit language prior to screening. Finally, I need to be VERY clear about this. For lack of a better word some potential clients are being "lazy". When you give me a previous consultant to ask a reference, its Name, Email and Website. I am not going to fish around and HOPE I am contacting the right person. I will not even start screening until the information is complete. 

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